deadmau5 releases highly-anticipated remix album ‘Here’s The Drop’

What a year this is for deadmau5. The man behind the mouse mask, Joel Zimmerman has had a pretty busy year with the design, programming and debut of his Cube V3.0 that has driven him to the edge. Even the long working hours that it takes to bring such technology to life and being currently immersed into an intense tour hasn’t stopped him from releasing new music.

The Canadian legend has now presented his long awaited and highly-anticipated remix album ‘Here’s The Drop‘ that represents the follow-up version of his orchestral album ‘Where’s The Dropreleased back in 2018. The album contains 15 remixes of great quality from different talented artists, genres and styles that upgrade and give the more electronic sight or as the album says, the drop missing from the original album.

The first track comes as a great opener with Morgan Page remixing ‘Imaginary Friends‘ with a melodic and quite euphoric progressive house sound, while Tinlicker, Gregory Reveret, Rinzen and Seismal D drop the tempo with their versions of ‘luxuria‘, ‘coelacanth‘, ‘acedia‘ and ‘avaritia‘, which perfectly could feature any top sunset mix. The trend breaks with the appearance of Sian that distances from the ambient, melodic and relaxed sounds of the previous remixes, bringing back the energy with his punchy-beat remix of ‘monophobia‘. Pig & Dan showcase their techno talents on ‘gula‘ right before No Mana do the same with a melancholic remix of ‘invidia‘.

Following up to the second part of the album we find Mad Jack playing around with the pads on ‘unjaded‘ to immediately transit to the anarchic drum and bass sounds of Gallya on ‘ira‘. Coming up next, Spencer Brown works with the orchestra of ‘fn pig‘ to bring a truly melodic masterpiece edit. Mr Bill switches completely using more experimental elements on ‘hr 8938 cephei‘, while Matt Lange shows his unreal production talents with an amazing remix of ‘superbia‘ on what is a complete musical journey from start to end. Dom Kane brings a catchy edit of ‘caritas‘ playing with with stereo arranged leads backed by a dominant beat and bass. The album finishes the best way possible with a remix of the legendary tune ‘strobe‘ that receives a future bass upgrade from PEEKABOO.

Overall, the album truly lives up to the hype. The melodic music experience presented two years ago by deadmau5 with ‘Where’s The Drop‘ has had a very strong continuation with this album that allow us to listen to a wide range of genres and curated tracks from established renowned artists to upcoming producers. Some very interesting material that keeps a storyline within the tracks.

Listen to ‘Here’s The Drop’ in full below:


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