Deorro, Timmy Trumpet – All This Time (Timmy Trumpet Remix)

A mainstay feature of any party playlist, American DJ and production virtuoso Deorro‘s tunes have been rocking festivals and parties across the globe for a past few years. And his recent releases have in now way been lacking the same zeal and appeal, showcasing what it was exactly that turned tracks such as ‘Five Hours‘ and ‘Yee‘ into such big hits. Most recent of them has been the ‘All This Time‘ single that he released on Ultra Music a couple of months ago. The chirpy single that saw Deorro showcase power and zest in the ‘drop’, has now undergone the Timmy Trumpet treatment. The industrious Aussie producer has circled his magic wand on the upbeat track to wind it down toward making it a darker yet sumptuous listen.

Built around a steady and addictive soundscape, ‘All This Time’ is a single that enjoys heavy reliance on the infectious vocals that provide the foundation for the remix to impress with its somber beat-work and ‘drop’ that are bound to ring out any performance arena. As the synchronized dance of the vocals and the swirling beat-work lay down good ground for a shuffle-worthy vibe, this Timmy Trumpet remix is more reminiscent of Deorro’s sound style, with plucks and heavy beats doing majority of the work in the ‘drop’ – a marked shift from the Deorro original, which is a little more easy-going and reliant on a chirpy melody. Bound to be yet another hit on the charts, this is Timmy Trumpet showcasing versatility at his most somber, as darker soundscape and more upbeat sound structure re-imagine the Deorro original.

You can purchase the remix on Beatport here or stream on Spotify here.

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