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DJ Snake teases massive Paris concept in 2020

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DJ Snake has teased an upcoming something in Paris, sometime next year. We might sound vague, but that’s only because he is too. A short video, posted on his Instagram feed, simply consists of the clue “2020” and perhaps most tellingly, random flashes of crowd footage and crowd noise.

The promo contains no music, just sound effects, so the conclusion most people have come to is that he’s got a show coming up, presumably a big one, as he tours all the time and doesn’t go to the effort of making a promo video like this very often. The “Paris” clue isn’t in the actual video, but rather the post description and location, so it would seem reasonable to assume this is a show set to take place in the French capital. Of course, given his phenomenal success in the USA with American musicians such as Diplo and Skrillex, not to mention everyone’s favourite Canadian Justin Bieber, it might surprise some casual fans to learn Snake is in fact French himself, and was indeed born in Paris, so it wouldn’t be too presumptuous to guess this is likely to be a grand homecoming show.

It should be pretty big too, especially if he plans to top his last big Parisian outing, a quite spectacular set on top of the city’s centrepiece, the Arc de Triomphe. Of course, the relatively small size of the monument combined with the intensely complicated logistics surrounding it all meant he wasn’t exactly playing to a big crowd, at least not in person. A handful of people were granted access, but that was about as far as it could go unless you tuned in online.

So where this time? Perhaps a gig at that most famous of Paris monuments, the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps one of the city’s numerous and beautiful cathedrals or palaces? Or maybe the Tour Monparnasse, a hideous 1970s monolithic skyscraper which, only half-jokingly, is said to offer the best view in Paris from the roof, because it’s the only place in Paris it doesn’t ruin the view…

So where do you think DJ Snake will play? Let us know, and keep your eyes peeled for more news…

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