Eric Prydz Call On Me

Eric Prydz classic ‘Call On Me’ turns 15 years old

These days, Eric Prydz is best known for his mind-bending visuals at his HOLO, EPIC, and VOID shows, as well as producing a slick blend of progressive music under his Pryda alias, and dark techno productions when performing as Cirez D. But 15 years ago, the Swedish DJ and producer was famous for an entirely different reason, when his massive EDM anthem ‘Call On Me‘ became a top story for various news outlets around the world.

Released on the iconic Ministry of Sound label, ‘Call On Me’ saw a thumping Prydz bassline paired with a raunchy official video, in which an outrageous flirtation occurred between a seductive personal trainer and a male member of her dance class. The choreography saw the hip-thrusting female aerobically pulsate her pelvis in the direction of her bedazzled class, as sweat-soaked members of the gymnasium watched in awe at her aerobic moves; a scene many described as ‘bordering on pornographic’.

Despite Eric Prydz’s discontent at the overly sexualised production – still refusing to play it out live in his sets to this day – there can be no denying that ‘Call On Me’ is a true all-time EDM anthem, and still sounds as fresh as ever, a full 15 years later! Relive your youth by catching the official video below – Whether it’s NSFW or not is a decision we’ll leave up to you…


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