Fatboy Slim dropping Greta Thunberg “Right Here, Right Now” remix in live sets

To our surprise, Fatboy Slim continues to drop a genius remix of the recent Greta Thunberg speech into his live DJ sets.

Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been near enough impossible to avoid the environmental figurehead Greta Thunberg as she pushed her global strike movement forwards with a fierce speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit a couple of weeks ago. It appears the speech has captured the attention of many, including those amongst the music industry. It’s rumoured Thunberg already has the backing of a variety of musical stars including the likes of Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding and Camila Cabello among others.

Fatboy Slim has also supported Greta Thunberg, but in a very different way as he simply can’t resist in resonating the 15-year-old’s environmental message through music, capitalising on the popularity of her speech. In a recent social media post, the English DJ and record producer drew attention to a reworked version of “Right Here, Right Now”  credited to South African artist The Kiffness, who has ingeniously manipulated a section of her speech to match Fatboy’s 1998 classic.

Since discovering the remix, the 56-year-old has decided to cause carnage and take the remix into a live environment. Back towards the beginning of October, he dropped it at Shindig in Gateshead – continuing to do so in recent sets – and you can see the reaction it got for yourself below! Whether you are for or against this message, you can’t deny the creative genius that has gone into this mashup, and the impact it could have musically around the world in Fatboy Slim’s sets.


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