Flux Pavilion’s anthem ‘I Can’t Stop’ turns 9 years old

2010 was a great year for dance music. So many legends were just getting started (Skrillex, anyone?) back then and it all felt fresh and exciting. The year before this, the UKF Music imprint was just introduced through two YouTube channels ‘UKF Drum & Bass’ and ‘UKF Dubstep‘.That iconic thumbnail and logo was a pivotal moment in any young EDM fans’ life and many huge hits were uploaded onto those channels. Speaking of huge hits, we turn our attention to Flux Pavilion (Joshua Steele) and ‘I Can’t Stop’ as it turns 9 years old.

Unarguably one of the breakout hits of 2010 for the dubstep scene, ‘I Can’t Stop’ laid the foundations for many artists who felt inspired by the unique melodic sound that was infused with the heavy hitting beats of dubstep and it truly kicked off a revolution. Even being one of Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on iconic radio station BBC Radio 1, it reached a worldwide known status that could never have been predicted by anyone, not even Flux Pavilion himself. Released on his four-track EP ‘Lines in Wax’ on self-imprint Circus Records, the track currently boasts nearly 90 million Spotify streams and over 106 million views on the UKF Dubstep channel.

Not only did this song explode in the EDM scene, it also spilled over into the mainstream. Massive artists Jay-Z and Kanye West ended up sampling ‘I Can’t Stop’ on a track named ‘Who Gon Stop Me’ which featured on their collaborative album in 2011. In 2013, Flux Pavilion released ‘I Still Can’t Stop’ as a follow-up and was featured on his full-length album ‘Blow The Roof’ and currently has over 11 million Spotify streams.

Taking to Twitter recently, Flux Pavilion reacted to the anniversary by saying he should do something ‘rad’ for its 10th birthday before later going back to say he should probably just do a remaster to not mess with the original sound, stating that he thinks he did ‘alright’ the first time round.

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