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From the collaboration of Beatport and DJcity, ‘Beatsource’ was created

The two principal sources of music for DJs, Beatport and DJcity joined forces to create a new platform – Beatsource – for open-form DJs.

However, the concept of Beatsource is not brand new: several years ago Beatport has already introduced the website that offered mainly hip-hop and urban music downloadables in order to complement their leading focus of Electronic Dance Music. Back then, the online store never really reached its blooming point. So now to maximize their potentials,  Beatport decided to team up with DJcity, a promotional music subscription service that enables professional DJs to download the latest club and radio music in MP3. With join efforts, they have created a new home for open-format and mobile DJs to purchase and discover new music in an environment specifically designed for their needs. The Beatsource store offers six core genres – Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Pop, Dance, and Reggae/Dancehall – carrying the biggest hits, all in premium digital formats and with world-class DJs providing the store’s curation.

This new launch is only the first out of the three steps that Beatsource has in store for us. This first stage is simply a music download store with plenty of curated playlists and genres. It is connected with Beatport’s user database,  so if you are registered already, you can use the same log-in information to access the downloading platform. Their music library is actively updated, so give it some time before you can find everything that fulfills your needs.

“Genre-specific stores don’t reflect the DJ landscape anymore. The open-format DJ community has needed a home where we can find all the music we need, curated by like-minded people we respect.” – A-TRAK

The other two features are Beatsource LINK and Promo Pool that will be released in phase two and phase three. Each phase will introduce new features and functionality. Beatsource LINK is the software for DJ streaming, will be launched within the next few months along with their confirmed partners Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, and Virtual DJ, along with other favorite software and hardware partners to be announced soon. DJcity’s record pool and promotional content (i.e. pre-releases, remixes, acapella, and other DJ edits) will be released during phase three of the product roadmap. There hasn’t been a release date set for the other two platforms, but we assume it will happen in the upcoming months.

Beatsource will also represent itself at the Amsterdam Dance Event, so if you happen to be in the Netherlands next week, definitely check them out!

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