Galantis, Dolly Parton – Faith feat. Mr. Probz

Edm is a special genre for many reasons but one of those reasons is the fact that it can be so versatile and can cross over extremely well with almost any other genre. In recent times, many of the leading producers have brought in other leading artists from other genres for collaborations of epic proportions and help to continue to push the boundaries of edm. Reaching new audiences, the genre has grown massively as a whole and now dynamic duo Galantis are also helping to do exactly the same. Roping in massive country superstar Dolly Parton, Galantis have helped to bridge a whole new genre with edm and change the whole dynamic of what music can do.

With the expert vocals of Mr. Probz (who has previous working relationships with producers like Armin Van Buuren), Galantis and Dolly Parton have teamed up to bring fans the upbeat new single ‘Faith’. As always, the light-hearted and infectiously happy sounds that Galantis have made their own are as evident as ever. Mr. Probz opens up the track with his enticing vocals that help to capture listeners straight away and set the tone for the track. The drop – with vocals included – is extremely danceable and catchy, and we expect nothing less from a Galantis track. After this, in comes Dolly Parton’s vocals to change up the entire track. Allowing her beautiful vocals to be showcased in a different musical setting is one of the most interesting and unique things to be able to listen to. Sounding beautiful as ever, this collaboration between Galantis and Dolly Parton is one for the history books.

The music video is also fittingly fun and a great visual accompaniment for the stunning track. Truly changing the game, Galantis have smashed it out of the park once again, as always!

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