Klox – Back Together (Feat. Carissa Vales)

Based in Montreal since 2018, Klox is the promising DJ alias who’s French-style pop based music has been making waves in his local scene. Real name Vincent Dupont, he is a singer and songwriter who has recently ventured into the world of DJing after taking some time to explore and research his musical path. Even going as far as to build his own studio, he is extremely hardworking and dedicated to making the Klox project take off in a big way, and his efforts are paying off more and more as time goes on. With an abundance of exciting new things to come from this rising star, he is one to keep an eye on and his first single justifies that.

‘Back Together’ is a fresh new track that tells the story of love and heartbreak all in the same breath, a theme that is universally relatable. Roping in local Montreal songstress Carissa Vales, who also co-wrote the track with Klox, ‘Back Together’ finds the perfect balance of Pop and EDM. It’s hard to believe that this is only his first single as it has all the hallmarks of a seasoned producer with years and years of expertise. Carissa Vales’ vocals bring the Pop element into play beautifully whilst the light and fun synths brought in by Klox tie the EDM element together. The drop is something special, allowing the main vocals to shine against the distorted vocals that are brought into play to add a new dimension to the track. Lyrics like “I fall apart when i’m alone, yeah only you can bring me home” show off both artists song writing skills perfectly and make for an overall strong production.

We can’t wait to hear what Klox brings to the scene as his career goes from strength to strength. You can stream his first single below.

A 22 year old dance music enthusiast from Manchester, UK. Lover of all genres, especially dubstep and house. Find me at gigs and festivals across the world.

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