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Madeon announces ‘Good Faith’ album release date

When French legend Madeon returned after years of silence following the end of his ‘Adventure’ era, fans and producers got extremely excited and rightfully so. Instantly dropping two new tracks ‘All My Friends’ and ‘Dream Dream Dream’ and debuting a brand new mind blowing live show at Lollapalooza in Chicago, the ‘Good Faith’ era was kicked off with a massive bang. One thing that was kept under wraps though, was any vital details about the album such as when it would be released. Rumours floated around the fanbase but no one really knew what was happening with it, but Madeon has just broke his silence.

In a post titled ‘A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT’, it featured a one minute long video with clips of him working in the studio on the album and graphics to go along with the whole ‘Good Faith’ era aesthetic. Featuring unreleased sounds that have been played out at his shows on the tour so far, it gives fans a good indicator as to what to expect from the album itself. The most important part though comes at the end: the album date reveal. It’s what fans have been waiting for since the very start of this era of his career and now it’s finally here. ‘Good Faith’ will be released on November 15. Not making us wait too much longer, the album art was also unveiled as was the tracklist on Apple Music and is as follows:

  1. Dream Dream Dream
  2. All My Friends
  3. Be Fine
  4. Nirvana
  5. Mania
  6. Miracle
  7. No Fear No More
  8. Hold Me Just Because
  9. Heavy With Hoping
  10. Borealis

So there we have it! All that’s left now is to look forward to the album, and if you live in America you can catch his upcoming tour by checking out the dates here. ‘Good Faith’ is available to pre-order in the post below.

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