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Madeon – Be Fine

French producer Madeon has just released ‘Be Fine‘, which is going to become the third track of his upcoming LP album Good Faith following ‘All My Friends‘ and ‘Dream Dream Dream‘.

With a deep and emotional meaning, this promising song, which is out now on Sony Music, sees a different perspective from the artist. It shows his more private, sensible and vulnerable side. Having gone through some tough and delicate moments, Madeon dared to open up about his struggles with depression. In fact, in a recent post on Instagram, the Frenchman gave us more insights about what living this experience exactly meant for him and what is the message he wants to share with this album:

“Soon after the relief and joy of finally debuting the show at Lolla, I was more exhausted and depressed than I expected. I couldn’t feel anything at all anymore”… “It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all anymore. So I decided to take time and put everything on hold for a bit”… “That’s the the intimate theme of this work to me: making sense of joy, making sense of darkness. Along the way, over more than three years, Good Faith has been the horizon, the reason I would fight over and over again to get healthy. I want this album, this tour and all that will come after it to paint for you the picture that’s been vividly in my mind all this time. Now it’s going to stop being mine alone and start being ours. I feel relief and I feel purposeful.”

‘Be Fine’ perfectly converts these feelings into music and successes at sending that message to the listener. With his new acoustic and instrumental approach, the production of the song is unreal. Being composed with different synths, perfectly curated electric guitars, different percussive elements and angelical transposed vocals the song upgrades and showcases a more mature Madeon sound.

Among the top comments this song received is its compatibility with his collab with Porter Robinson ‘Shelter‘. The truth is that Shelter is perfect mashup material and Madeon knows it. He’s been lately using it as a mashup along with ‘All My Friends’ as the closing song for his sets, so it wouldn’t be rare to listen a new edit soon.

Listen to ‘Be Fine’ in full below:

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