Pryda 15, Vol. III – The final part of Pryda 15 is out now

It’s October 4th, 2019, the day that the Pryda community has been waiting for. Pryda 15, Vol. III, the final part of the 15th anniversary EP of Eric Prydz’ alias Pryda is here and it’s everything that Pryda fans wanted.

When Eric Prydz teased an announcement of a new 3-part Pryda EP in April, fans went crazy and started speculating, what ID’s will possibly be released this year. Pryda 15 Vol. I, released in April and Vol. II, released in August, already brought some highly anticipated productions, like ‘Moln’ and ‘Villa Mercedes’, but Vol. III is supposed to top all of this – and it’s available starting today!

When the first promo was released by Eric, it seemed clear that the long-awaited ‘Terminal 5 ID’, now released as ‘Terminal 5’ will be part of this release. Shortly after, more and more tracks started appearing on Shazam, with eventually most of the final tracklist being available. The whole release is the final part of the three part anniversary EP and was supposed to out in August, however, when August ended, we were still waiting for an official release or statement as to why there’s no news or comment. Finally, Eric broke the silence and said that he wanted to finalize the EP at home in his studio due to wanting it to be perfect. Pryda 15, Vol. III consists of the following 13 tracks, totaling the whole release to 27 tracks:

  • Terminal 5
  • Big Boss
  • Igen
  • Tromb
  • Equinox
  • Joyous
  • The Beginning
  • Bus 605
  • The Escort
  • Star Bugs
  • Evolution
  • Project Prayer
  • Exchange Finale

It’s now available on all major platforms for streaming and purchase. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think because it may take some time to get a new release of his, after all, he’s Eric Prydz!

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