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What a year it's been

R3HAB – All Comes Back To You

Home Uncategorized R3HAB – All Comes Back To You

What a year it’s been for R3HAB! This year, his release All Around The World‘ became his biggest and most popular track yet with over 200 million streams and received gold and platinum status in 8 countries. As well as this, he landed the number 14 spot on this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll and has managed to maintain a crazily hectic touring schedule whilst simultaneously releasing banger after banger. Always creating fresh things for his fans to enjoy, he is one of the busiest and most hardworking producers around right now and has released a new track just two weeks after his previous release, ‘Exhale’.

‘All Comes Back To You’ – released on his imprint CYB3RPVNK – is the new inspiring anthem you’ve been searching for. At the heart of the song, the message is simple yet meaningful and important: everything that we do and say comes back to us. Reminding people to put out more love in the world and spread positivity often, this is reinforced through the catchy lyrics with lines such as “All the things you do, the words you say, it all comes back to you”. R3HAB’s bouncy signature sound is in full force with this production and is as strong as ever, proving he always knows how to keep his sound fresh and exciting with each track he puts out into the world. Along with the track, there is an accompanying music video. The video features heartwarming fan interactions that fit with the lyrics perfectly (which are displayed on the screen) and energetic performance clips to tie in with the pulsating beats that the drops bring in.

All in all, ‘All Comes Back To You’ is an extremely strong track and R3HAB is sure to have massive success with the happiness and love that it spreads. This one is going to be on repeat for a long time!

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