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When it comes to hardcore

Rezz & Malaa collab on new track ‘Criminals’

Home Uncategorized Rezz & Malaa collab on new track ‘Criminals’

When it comes to hardcore fan-bases and iconic face-coverings, Rezz and Malaa certainly have a lot in common. The identity of the mysterious man in the balaclava is still unsolved, but Malaa has built up a healthy following thanks to some solid releases, not to mention his epic back-to-back sets with Tchami. Rezz on the other hand is known for her LED-encrusted goggles, and for being one of the nicest producers on the scene – her army of fans (who affectionately refer to her as Space Mom) have helped her profile grow and grow over the past few years, so it only makes sense the two would collaborate, and they have, on their new track Criminals.

So far it’s only a teaser, having been played this weekend at Halloween-themed event Freaky Deaky which took place last weekend in Houston. By all accounts it was the perfect event to drop this massively bass-heavy banger, although it remains unclear if the promoter getting arrested for noise level violations was as a direct result of the pair dropping their new track… Either way, the crowd certainly seemed to love it, and soon you’ll be able to as well. We could make some rather clumsy Halloween connection about the pair wearing costumes when they perform, but lets forgo that and just say Criminals is released on Oct 31, which admittedly does happen to be Halloween.

Is it a coincidence, or will this track really spook you out? Unlikely – it doesn’t seem particularly spooky, quite the opposite in fact. Judging by the below video though, it probably will rattle your bones, cause vampires to melt, and make werewolves do whatever it is they do. Plus, as the latter two don’t actually exist, you can enjoy the track without fear of retribution. Unless you run a festival and don’t abide by noise laws that is…

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