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Steve Aoki and K?d tease new collaboration

Patrick Cybulski – known by stage name K?d – has blown up recently. Taking the scene by storm with his dedicated fans in tow, his style of music is unique and energetic and crosses multiple sub-genres. Remixing popular artists like Daft Punk (in which his ‘Doin’ It Right’ remix had fast become a fan favourite, and recently he did another version of it), GTA and The Weeknd, he has proved his worth within the scene and is now collaborating with heavyweights like Kayzo. Speaking of collaborating, the young producer has one in the works that might surprise some people as it isn’t the most likely combination of artists. For this one, he has been crafting up studio magic with none other than Steve Aoki.

As Steve Aoki fans (or anyone that pays attention to EDM) know, he is one of the collaboration kings and these days it’s easier to list who he hasn’t worked with rather than who he has worked with. In a way, the pairing of Steve Aoki and K?d makes sense: a worldwide name who’s versatile abilities help to keep his place at the top secured and a star who has fast risen to the top of his corner of the electronic scene. It’s always exciting when a seasoned pro creates things together with a newer talent as the possibilities are endless.

Not much is known at all about the track name, release date or even what genre it will be. Will it be leaning towards Steve Aoki’s style? Will K?d introduce Steve to his harder style of music making? Will they find the perfect balance between their different styles? The questions are endless but one thing we know for certain is that it will be a unique banger and we can’t wait to hear something from Steve Aoki and K?d hopefully soon! K?d and Steve Aoki

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