ZHU endorses democrat hopeful Andrew Yang in ‘Came For The Low’ video

There’s quite a political storm brewing, or happening, or something, in the US at the moment – here in the UK we’ve got rather a storm of our own so forgive the ignorance – but in short it could all be over soon thanks to the fact a Presidential election next year will provide the chance for a total reset. But who will take the hot-seat, and who is everyone backing? Well being a generally liberal and forward-thinking bunch, most people in dance music who are interested in this type of thing are backing a Democrat. There’s a few to choose from in the race, but it seems Zhu has backed hopeful Democrat nominee Andrew Yang, by inviting him to appear in the video for his new track Came For The Low.

We’ll spoil it for you – Yang only appears at the end as the man behind a gas mask in the back of an SUV. The rest of the video seems to be a nod towards the recent “Area 51 Raid”, or rather the lack of it, and features all the usual dance music video tropes of scantily clad figures, people in mysterious costumes, and rather moody and clever lighting and cinematography. Indeed, the gas-mask motif is itself a reference to Zhu himself, who until relatively recently remained anonymous.

But the big question is, why Andrew Yang? Well there’s a few possible explanations. Yang and Zhu are both Chinese-American of course, but perhaps more notably, Yang is known for appealing to younger voters thanks to his heavy use of internet-based campaigning. He may be a 44-year-old millionaire, but he’s certainly more “down with the kids” than most other nominees. He also very rarely mentions or attacks the current President, instead focusing on future political policy, which is not only a sensible and too often sadly-lacking approach that shows him as a good potential leader, but also means you can follow his campaign without having to hear about a man no-one else has shut up about for the past four years…

Or you could just ignore the whole political side of this and enjoy the track and video below.