Flying through trance heaven with the 15th chapter of ‘In Search of Sunrise’

‘In Search of Sunrise’, also called the greatest trance series, has been making us fly since its first edition in 1999, and its 15th installment has now been released on Tiësto‘s label Songbird. The iconic compilations are received as a precious gift by every trance purist, and due to its atmospheric and sentimental beautiful sounds is also enjoyed my music lovers of every spectrum.

Since Tiësto announced his detachment with the compilation mixing, a tremendous array of virtuous artists have taken that honor with grace. Artists including Richard Durand, Myon & Shane 54, Lange, Andy Moor or Gabriel & Dresden have clicked themselves wholly & completely into that sunrise-searching state of mind.

This year’s edition, celebrating its 15th birthday while changing shape into a new triple DJ/mix, hasn’t changed ISOS’ inimitable musical identity. Born more of instinct, sense & feel, as opposed to anything as palpable as style, tempo or arrangement, ISOS has always required a very specific type of handler, and this edition has been impeccably mixed by Markus Schulz, Jerome Isma-Ae & Orkidea, who make us fly to trance heaven from the first minute and throughout.

Markus Schulz

Opening the album, trance legend Markus Schulz puts his ISOS-head on, his disc brings an expertly mixed cross-section of his own recently finished music, collabs and on-approach Coldharbour material. Material like ‘Bells of Planaxis’, as well as ‘Sunrise Over The Bay’ and his first Talla 2XLC teaming, ‘Mainhattan’. There are also In Search Of Sunrise themed remakes of recent smash ‘Ave Maria’, the timeless Paul Oakenfold/Carla Werner classic ‘Southern Sun’ and others.
Jerome Isma-Ae’s ‘Search’ likewise commences at his own front door. New production ‘Kubrick’ comes soflty into play, following by ‘Drifting’ and ‘Underwater Love’. He beautifully brings  8Kays/Diana Miro-pairing ‘Inside’, Rue & Alastor’s ‘Untethered’ & ‘Stardust’ by Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, as well as classics like Jam & Spoon’s ‘Follow Me’ & Orkidea’s ‘Nana’. Througout we can listen to  Wally Lopez’s revision of Betoko & Alex Kaspersky’s ‘Pluttonya’ and DAVI’s ‘Two Suns In The Sky’.


Orkidea is the perfect man to put on the ‘ISOS 15’ shoes. His perfectly curated and vibrant sets transport you to a dreamy dimension over and over. This time he opens the set with the ambient rework of Barry Jamieson’s ‘Stars’. From its very first bar, the Finlander dials into both ISOS’s ethics and autumnal aspects. Henry Saiz’s ‘I Can Feel It Coming’  and ‘Odd One Out’ as well as Orkidea’s own ‘Metta’ & ‘One Man’s Dream’. Gundamea’s fresh take on Solarstone’s ‘Solarcoaster’, Oakenfold’s  ‘Stonehenge’, BT & Matt Fax’s ‘The Noetic’ and many others.

This beautiful ISOS comes perfectly in time to cheer up the introspective cold season. You can travel to Budapest on November 16th for the ISOS 15 on tour with Jerome Isma-ae and Robert Nickson, or press play below to start your mesmerizing journey In Search of Sunrise.


30 year old Catalan from Barcelona, living in The Netherlands. After 10 years working in the hospitality industry, I decided to do a career switch and I'm currently studying a bachelor in International Music Management. My main interests in life are music, yoga, spirituality, foreign languages, and vegan food!

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