Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond play beautiful two hour set at Dreamstate

The 2019 edition of SoCal’s Dreamstate festival has just wrapped up, and what a brilliant year it was. Stages ‘The Dream’, ‘The Vision’ and ‘The Sequence’ played host to endless amounts of trance superstars and it proved itself the place to be for all trance superfans. As expected every performer outdid themselves and left crowds stunned, but an act that stood out the most was none other than Above & Beyond.

Over the years, they have played some special sets in their career including deep warm-up sets, group therapy sets, yoga sets and more. Always outdoing themselves as artists and performers, it seemed like they would outdo themselves once again when Dreamstate announced that they would play for two hours at the festival. The attendees were delighted with this, and packed out The Dream stage to witness the spectacle.

Being dubbed a trance classics set that some fans have said was the ‘best of the decade’ and will go down as one of their more legendary sets, looking at the tracklist it’s easy to see just exactly why.

Starting off strong with the Above & Beyond 2012 Intro Mix of ‘Stealing Time’ it injected that much loved sense of nostalgia straight away. Their tracklist was made up of almost all Above & Beyond tracks with loved fan favourite classics by the likes of Bart ClaessenSolarstone and Grum thrown into the mix. Of course, their own bangers weren’t amiss and tracks like ‘Happiness Amplified’‘Flying by Candlelight’ and ‘Thing Called Love’ incorporated the feel-good singalong factor. The iconic ‘push the button’ moment happened near the middle of the set this time, as always to the tune of ‘Sun & Moon’ and no doubt made a group of lucky fans the happiest people on earth.

If you can suffer through the FOMO, then check out the full tracklist here!

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