Apple Music to compile your top songs, artists & albums from 2019

Want to know what songs, artists or albums you listened to in the year 2019? With the end of the year approaching, Apple Music will compile your music choices so you can see what you played the most. Click the link to see the top jams that you listened to in 2019. Spotify has been doing this as well for years but Apple’s rising streaming service has decided to follow the trend and provide this feature for all Apple Music listeners.

Apple’s streaming service has been growing drastically in the world of streaming. At the beginning of the year 2019, it was said that they reached 60 million subscribers. The number of subscribers is greater in the United States, but across the world, Spotify takes the lead. Amazon Music is also one of the top subscription services, growing faster than both Apple Music and Spotify. Subscription services are making it substantially easier for users all across the world to have access to millions of songs. The data that is collected in these services also makes it so us avid music listeners have access to an end of the year recap on our listening history!

Let us know how your list looks like in the comment below!

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