Armin van Buuren Creamfields 2020 A State Of Trance

Armin van Buuren delivers ASOT 950’s anthem ‘Let The Music Guide You’

The most anticipated trance event, ASOT will be back to its motherland, to the Netherlands, on 14th and 15th February 2020 gathering trance-lovers from all over the world to help to celebrate the radio show’s 950th episode – a momentous stepping stone on the path to the millennial 1000th edition of A State of Trance by the Dutch uncrowned king of trance, Armin Van Buuren.

What started out as a small radio show back in 2001, now grew itself to be the leading international platform that is collecting and bringing the freshest tracks every week from the most talented artists within the trance scene. But as in case reaching 40 million listeners across more than 80 countries and several radio stations would not be enough, ASOT became more than just a radio show. Now, it represents a whole identity, a brand, a trance-kingdom that Armin and his team have carefully built over the decades to deliver quality, consistently. Fun fact: until this current day, Armin picks the tracks himself for each and every session of the show.

Every year a mind-blowing visual and musical experience is organized to honor the significant anniversaries of the radio program. We have already covered the line-up here, now let’s look at the theme.

For 2020, the theme is the ASOT 950 Anthem’s title: ‘Let The Music Guide You’. The track was released during the 937th episode of ASOT, and instantly set the level of excitement high for fans. It stays true to Armin’s signature, high-quality sounds that definitely lifts our mood, with a more progressive-drop to bring some diversity. We love the vocals, that follow through the melody repeating: ‘Come Together, Rave Together Let The Music Guide You’. A motto that we also live by here at We Rave You. 

The tickets are on sale already and it is the first time that they are offering a pre-party as well, that will take place in Amsterdam, so if you want the full-weekend experience make sure to get your hands on them as long as they are available here.

Mark the date in your calendar, and join the once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that you can tell to your grandkids. And while February is approaching, enjoy the ASOT 950’s Official Anthem, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to join the We Rave You family and subscribe to our new Facebook Messanger feature here to make sure you don’t miss out on any EDM related happenings or news!

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