Charlotte De Witte

Charlotte De Witte – Selected EP

It isn’t just hometown of Belgium that have fallen for techno goddess Charlotte De Witte. Recently coming out on top at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards for ‘Best DJ’ in their Top 100, she has proved to be a force of nature and a worldwide phenomenon even though to some she may be considered relatively new onto the scene. Her unique and entrancing style of techno has landed her main stage performances at festivals like Tomorrowland and even full stage takeovers with her imprint KNTXT – which is an expansion of her radio show and touring party concept – which have caused stages to be closed off due to reaching full capacity. Now, on the same label, she has just released two EPs and one of them is titled ‘Selected’.

The four-track EP gives us nearly 30 minutes of pure pulsating beats. Three out of four tracks are all around eight minutes long, giving plenty of time for long build-ups where her skills can shine the brightest. Opening track ‘Selected’ which shares the same name as the EP is dark and daring. Repetitive, stomping beats take the lead whilst futuristic synths chime in to accompany the underlying thump of the core beat. This one was made for crowds full of just techno lovers who will truly appreciate the complexity of the rhythm.

Next up is ‘Form’, and it is simply made for foot-stomping and fist pumping. Taking us on a journey into Charlotte’s mysterious world, this one goes even darker and has so many little details that command the listeners full attention. Almost sounding like wind howling at certain points, the attention to detail in this track is magnificent and the build-ups will have the listener losing their mind.

‘Time’ takes on a different vibe than the previous two tracks. Sounding lighter at the start until the signature dark rhythm kicks in, it’s impossible to resist moving your body to this one.

Last but not least is ‘Amar’ and this one is a lot shorter than the rest, but sweet. Hypnotic and slow synths guide the listener in as we hear the beat picking up motion in the background. This one is the most unique as it doesn’t have any cutting drop and is instead a chilled out and beautiful piece of music. This whole EP showcases the skills that Charlotte De Witte has in full force, and is one of the best techno releases of the year.

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