Claptone details his storming 2019 Ibiza residency

Everyone who loves dance music massively respects Ibiza – many are utterly and unconditionally in love with the place, and with good reason. But most also know that money is king, and wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised to exit the arrivals hall at Ibiza Airport to see massive ball of burning cash rolling down the hills towards Ibiza Town. But it’s money well spent, and in all the right places. Hence the reason that before you stepped out into the familiar and welcoming smell of saltwater, cigarette smoke, and local flora, you will have seen some giant golden masks adorning the baggage hall of the Aeropuerto de Ibiza advertising one of the island’s most respected additions for 2019 – Claptone and his residency at Pacha under the suitable guise of his Masquerade Ball.

If you weren’t lucky enough to walk into the beautifully refurbished space that is Ibiza’s oldest nightclub this season, he’s now made one of his sets available online, and via an interview with Billboard, has given some insight into what makes the man with the golden mask one of the most respected DJs on the White Isle. It’s also a boon for Pacha, who have arguably suffered at the hands of the newcomers over the past several seasons, but have now shown that they are still very much a force to be reckoned with. They’ve certainly hit a sweet spot this season, with plenty of plans for the next forming around a solid rosta of established nights and DJs.

Speaking of his own night, Claptone points out the lineup that managed to bridge several genres while remaining resolutely cool and respected. From heavy hitters such as Basement Jaxx, legends such as Armand Van Helden, and nu-disco kings Purple Disco Machine, it was night that catered to many, without breaching the boundaries of being too commercial. He was also resolutely humbled by the whole affair, pointing out that seeing his alter-ego mask-clad image in the airport every time he landed, brought “the biggest of smiles” to his face. Not that we’d see the smile under the mask, but it’s nice to know the king of cool has managed to remain true to his roots and subtlety aware that should a towering inferno of Euros cascade down on his summer residency, he’d bat it away with a spare record and welcome in those who know what the true spirit of Ibiza is really about.

Read the full interview here, and listen to his closing party mix below.