Don Diablo

Don Diablo x Элджей – UFO

Dutch dance diplomat Don Diablo is once again expanding his horizons – this time, in Russia! Following the great success of his single ‘Survive’ in Russia, Don Diablo decided to team up with rapper Элджей (pronounced “Eljei”) to deliver a brand-new banger in the form of ‘UFO” to the rapper’s homeland! According to Don, when ‘Survive’ reached Platinum status, he felt he “wanted to give something back”.

Giving fans a quick insight into the duo’s unlikely collaboration, Don explained how the project eventually came together;

“I met Eldzhey a.k.a. Sayonara Boy at a big radio event in Moscow. We had an inmediate click, despite our language and cultural barrier. When the idea was formed to do something together I decided that it would actually be supercool to do something in another language, other than English for a change.”

Well before the track’s official release, Don subtly began testing the finished track during many of his sets, and while many in attendance mightn’t have understood Russian, the general reception was largely positive and ultimately decided to bless the world with an official release – much to the delight of the duo’s fans!

Check out Don Diablo and Элджей’s “UFO” below and grab a copy here!

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