Galantis announce album for 2020 titled ‘Church’

Energetic duo Galantis have been on an unstoppable roll lately. Their consistent stream of releases and collaborations with huge artists like Dolly Parton have all been met with praise and huge streaming numbers lately, and it’s all a typical day in the life for them. So far, they have released two albums titled ‘Pharmacy’ (2015) which they got a number one by Billboard in their ‘US Top Dance/Electronic Albums’ and ‘The Aviary’ (2017). With both albums finding big commercial success, fans were wondering when their next one would land but their curiosity was just fed.

Taking to social media to bring this upon their followers out of nowhere, Galantis have officially announced that an album is coming in 2020. Titled ‘Church’, this goes hand in hand with the current themes of their latest singles ‘Holy Water’ and ‘Faith’ and it’s safe to assume that we can expect these singles to be featured on the album. No exact date has been set yet, but they announced the news by posting the dictionary definition of the word church along with their own definition which says ‘Album 2020⁣‘. When clicking on this website, fans are greeted with extremely colourful imagery along with the ‘Sea Fox’ mascot which has become their iconic branding. If you click the ‘Join the faithful’ button you are then taken to another web page. American residents are invited to text the duo at the number (310) 299-3873 whilst all other non american residents will have to fill out a small form. If you want to know what happens when you perform either of these actions, you’ll have to do it to find out!

2020 i clearly set to be a massive year for Galantis, and as we await more news on the album we will be streaming all of their latest tracks in the meantime!


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