Galantis cancel

Galantis cancel all upcoming shows “until further notice”

Sensational Swedish duo Galantis have announced they will cancel all upcoming shows “until further notice”. The announcement comes after Christian Karlsson sustained an injury whilst the duo were in Korea for a show. In a statement released by their management, it was revealed that Karlsson had torn 2 ligaments and has been advised to abstain from shows until further notice.

Speaking about the sudden cancellation, Christian took the time to include a statement of his own where he gave Galantis’ loyal fans his sincerest apologies.

“I’m heartbroken to have to cancel our upcoming performances, and deeply apologize to our fans. I’ll be taking this time to fully recover and look forward to seeing you all back on the road with Linus as soon as possible.”

Although Galantis have had to cancel their upcoming shows, the minor setback hasn’t stopped the duo from racing toward the end of 2019 in red-hot form. Having collaborated with Mr Probz and Dolly Parton on their new single Faith’, fans were thrilled to hear an album is also on the way! Set for release in 2020, the album titled Church’ is set to become their 3rd studio album after their debut album in 2015 ‘Pharmacy’ and their 2017 sophomore album; ‘The Aviary’.

Check out the full statement below!

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