Tomorrowland 2019

Imanuelle Grives sentenced to prison for dealing drugs at Tomorrowland

As sure as night follows day, drugs will be smuggled into festivals. With most festival-goers being accustomed to seeking out the hoodie-wearing guy in the corner, it’s not often they’re able to turn to a celebrity for the same product. Dutch actress Imanuelle Grives was arrested at Tomorrowland back in July where she was reportedly in possession of ecstasy pills, MDMA, cocaine and ketamine. Now, the actress has now been sentenced to prison.

Grives has been jailed for two years, one suspended and fined €8,000 (€6,000 of which is reportedly conditional) for dealing illegal drugs, by a court in Belgium. Statements claim Imanuelle Grives was in possession of a number of different drugs at Tomorrowland, however, she had a further (approximate) one hundred ecstasy pills, 20 grams of cocaine, 10 grams of ketamine and a few amounts of MDMA in her hotel room. Imanuelle Grives claims her intent to sell was for the sole purpose of preparing for an upcoming role, however, her lawyer later stated; “She now realizes it was a very stupid action”.

A well-known actress within The Netherlands, Grives, who is best known for her appearances in Alleen maar nette mensen (Only Decent People), Dutch police drama Flikken Maastricht, has since been cut from the Dutch television series spangaS, as a result of the charges.

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