Madeon – Good Faith (Album Review)

The moment Madeon fans have been waiting for is finally here. His second studio album ‘Good Faith’ is finally out, and it’s been a long process to get to this point. From ‘Adventure’ up until now, fans haven’t heard new solo music (with ‘Shelter’ being a collaboration with Porter Robinson) by the French star, but that has now changed.

It was the energetic single ‘All My Friends’ which ended the silence, and kicked off the Good Faith era officially. Next came the heavenly ‘Dream Dream Dream’ and then the final single ‘Be Fine‘ before the album drop. Now, as he is in the middle of his electrifying live tourHugo Pierre Leclercq is finally ready to welcome us all into this new world fully. Across 10 tracks and 35 minutes, the dreamy world of ‘Good Faith’ is explored in great depth as we take a scenic ride through everything that it has to offer.

The three already-released singles take up tracks one to three and ease us in with a comforting sense of familiarity with the tracks that we have already come to know and love quickly. From track four onward, all the stunning IDs that have been played out on tour are finally coming to life. ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Mania’ blend perfectly together, to the point where it all seems like one long track and you cannot pinpoint the starting point of ‘Mania’ if you aren’t paying attention, to create a seamless listening experience. ‘Miracle’ utilizes Hugo’s angelic voice as he sings his way through lyrics that will be sure to tug on your heartstrings, backed up with a choir-like vocal effect. The rest of the tracks are just as powerful and will no doubt bring out a tear or two.

The genius thing about this album is how truly connected each and every song feels to each other. It’s clear that Madeon had an extremely clear vision in his head of what he wanted this new world to look and sound like, and executed it completely flawlessly.

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