Marnik x KSHMR – Alone (feat. Anjulie & Jeffrey Jey)

That’s right, KSHMR is back with another 2019 release. Proving that he isn’t yet done with releasing new music for this year, this newest release follows his track ‘Do Bad Well’ featuring vocalist Nevve (who is extremely well known to artists in the edm industry) and excitingly, he’s teaming back up with Italian duo Marnik. KSHMR and Marnik have previously teamed up on tracks ‘Bazaar’ and ‘Mandala’ which both have over 10 million and 11 million streams respectively. If those numbers are anything to go by, then this latest track named ‘Alone’ will be just as huge.

This time though, they aren’t doing it solo and have enlisted the helping hands of Anjulie and Jeffrey Jey to lend their expertise and talent for this track. Anjulie is a Canadian singer who has previously worked with the likes of Diplo, Zedd, Boombox Cartel and Kelly Clarkson. Jeffrey Jey is also a vocalist, hailing from Italy, and is the lead singer of the group Eiffel 65 (who’s track ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ is one of the most iconic songs to exist) With all this talent in one track, it can be easy to be overwhelmed but ‘Alone’ is a track that extracts the best of each artists talents and mixes them up into one perfect concoction of sounds.

Out on Spinnin’ Records, it details the story of a digital romance and feeling alone. Anjulie and Jeffrey Jey’s vocals compliment each other perfectly and give us an old school dance music vibe, leaving us feeling nostalgic. The uplifting beats made by KSHMR and Marnik contrast the gloomy lyrics, meaning you can dance to this and cry at the same time! The unique blend of house music makes this a super special track and one that is sure to become a massive hit,  something that KSHMR and Marnik have become experts on creating together.

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