Marshmello teams up with Blackbear & YUNGBLUD on ‘Tongue Tied’

Always thinking outside the box, Marshmello has done it again as he’s recently teamed up with UK-grunge superstar YUNGBLUD and American singer/songwriter Blackbear on their latest release, “Tongue Tied”. With all three artists being fan favourites all over the globe, it made sense for them all to come together and co-create one pretty phenomenal collaboration. A track unlike any that have been released lately, it’s definitely a sing-a-long tune worth listening to.

“Tongue Tied” portrays the constant angst that exists inside most of our generation’s heads on a daily basis, with the hopes that we can all be at peace in this society one day. Along with its pretty vigorous lyrics, “Tongue Tied” encompasses an uplifting pop-punk sound accompanied by a hint of an electronic backdrop good enough for the dance floor. The track truly showcases each artist’s peculiar talents and personas throughout its entirety, and honestly, the three musicians coming together is everything we didn’t know we needed. YUNGBLUD even shared details about how this grand collaboration came to be in the first place on a trending Twitter thread.

“Me, ‘Mello, and bear have been, kind of, such fans of each other’s music, so we wanted to do a song together, and add an energy that accumulates all of us, and kind of bring rock ‘n’ roll back into, like, the nightclubs. It was a sick process, and it looks like everyone’s loving it, so it’s mad!” -YUNGBLUD

Marshmello’s top-of-the-charts worthy producing skills are easily portrayed throughout the track’s entire melody, while YUNGBLUD’s dark eccentricity matches the intensity of the song’s meaning perfectly. When the second verse comes along, Blackbear takes over with his perplexing R&B style and smoky voice. As if the track itself wasn’t shocking enough, an official highly cinematic music video that takes place in a dystopian society directed by Christian Breslauer was just released to go along with it.

If you haven’t yet, check out Marshmello & YUNGBLUD team up with blackbear on “Tongue Tied”, out now on Geffen Records and Marshmello’s Joytime Collective and watch its vivid music video below!