Martin Garrix Matisse & Sadko Hold On

Martin Garrix unveils brand new Matisse & Sadko collab

Martin Garrix continues to give his fans everything they could have wanted and more. Garrix just released ‘Used to Love’ and confirmed the remix of another track and it appears that Garrix has another huge collaboration on the way and it is with two familiar artists: Matisse & Sadko. It’s incredible how Garrix continues to tour worldwide and still release plenty of new music. Whenever you hear that the three artists are working together on a track, expect only the best.

Garrix recently wrapped up his biggest show of the year, which he dubbed ‘The Ether,’ during Amsterdam Music Festival. He played a longer than normal set and previewed plenty of new tracks. This collaboration, which has been given the name ‘Hold On (We’re Almost There)‘, caught the attention of the music world. Videos were put all over the internet but they were taken down.

The track has a beautiful melody and mesmerizing lyrics. The track has an exciting build-up followed by an intense drop. Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko have collaborated on plenty of other tracks such as, ‘Forever’, ‘Dragon’, ‘Break Through the Silence’, and ‘Mistaken.’  If those tracks are any indication of what the collaboration will sound like, then expect this track to be another classic by the three artists.

Plenty of the previous videos that surfaced on the internet were taken down, but luckily for us, someone in the audience of Garrix’s set at the Freaky Deaky Festival in Houston grabbed a high-quality video of the unreleased track. The video shows how positively the crowd reacted to the song. As someone who was in the crowd when the track played, I can confirm that the crowd went absolutely crazy.

For all of those who want to take a listen to the song and see the reaction of the crowd for themselves, take a listen in the video below and let us know what you think.

Martin Garrix & Matisse and Sadko – ID @ Freaky Deaky 2019 from EDM