Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan’s ‘BFAM’ turns 7 years old

Can you believe 2012 was seven whole years ago? At that point in time, the golden era of EDM was in full swing and incredible tracks that would become timeless classics in later years were being dropped left, right and centre non-stop. It was a great time to be an EDM fan (but when has it not been!) and here at We Rave You, we love that nostalgic feeling of looking back on old tracks and now we’re doing it again with Martin Garrix Julian Jordan‘s ‘BFAM’.

Both producers met each other through an online producer forum, and then eventually went on to both sign to Spinnin’ Records around the same time as each other which solidified their close working and personal relationship. The name of the track itself is an abbreviation of ‘Brothers From Another Mother’, and the music video (which currently has close to 10 million YouTube views) features the two artists jetting off to shows and performing on stage.

Reminiscent of the youthful, energetic sound we heard everywhere in 2012, ‘BFAM’ is a perfect example of this and will live on forever as a shining track in both Garrix’s and Jordan’s discographies. It came shortly after Garrix’s breakout hit ‘Animals’  and when Jordan posted a preview of it on his SoundCloud account on October 23 2012, the fans of the duo – and the industry – exploded with excitement.

Still as good today as it was in 2012, Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan’s ‘BFAM’ will always bring back that happy nostalgic feeling. Do you have any special memories associated with this track? Tell us in the comments!

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