Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix goes into detail on writing ‘Used to Love’ in ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

In the latest episode of Martin Garrix’ docuseries, ‘The Martin Garrix Show’, the Dutch superstar DJ and producer goes into detail on how he met Dean Lewis and how they wrote ‘Used to Love’ together after being discharged from the hospital after his leg injury and while recovering.

‘The Martin Garrix Show’ is a docuseries about the dutch producer and DJ and is currently in season 4 and the latest episode that was just released, episode 3 of the season, start with Garrix’ still being in the hospital shortly after his operation following the injury he suffered from during one of his performances this year in Las Vegas. The young Dutch producer also shared his experience from the injury saying “I went from being super happy on stage to thinking my bone was sticking out of my leg.” then saying how “It does show how fragile everything is” with his career and performances.

The whole production started while Garrix’ was still in the hospital and continued in Garrix’s home, the famous Grachten of Amsterdam and overall looked like the whole group had a lot of fun producing it.

‘Used to Love’ was released on October 31st and is available to stream and purchase on major platforms, including Apple Music & Spotify. Check out the full episode below and all other episodes on his YouTube Channel!

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