NOTO’s talent shines through in latest Axtone Approved episode

There is not a lot to argue against the suggestion that Axtone has, more often than not, been one of those imprints that have peeped out and done something ahead of the curve in order to cater to their ardent fans and followers. Be it those unique Wallpaper Wednesdays distributions which still has nostalgia stuffed souls searching the web for those artful artworks or the masterful mixes that till see fans tuning in years later, Axtone has always hit the right chords. Adding to its imprint repertoire, Axtone and label head-honcho Axwell had earlier started the Axtone Approved series that feature carefully curated mixes for surreal listening joy. For the Halloween edition of the mix, the listeners were greeted by a relatively new face on the scene in the taste-making abilities of NOTO. If the top-notch Axtone Approved mix that he has delivered is anything to go by, NOTO’s taste-making abilities need serious attention from fans across the dance music spectrum.

Kicking off the proceedings with Lecco based producer SLVR‘s scintillating track titled ‘Childhood’, the mix takes no prisoners from the get go. And while that more or less sets the tenor for what is in store, singles from the likes of Anna Lunoe and Matroda make way to further help listeners acclimatize to the tempo of the mix. Highly upbeat and shuffle-worthy, this Axtone Approved mix from NOTO is a stunner. Clever switches and seamless mixing, the mix showcases music from the likes of Nitti Gritti, X&G, Curbi, Habstrakt, JACKNIFE, Scorsi, Dog Blood, Sihk & RayRay, I Am Legion, Posij and some gems in the shape of Noisia & Phace‘s ‘Non-Responsive’ aside from a flurry of red-blooded, revving remixes and stellar singles from the host himself. Surely a standout mix among the Axtone Approved archives, this mix from NOTO really is an official industry stamp against the taste-making abilities of this rising producer.

You can hear more from NOTO via the artist Soundcloud here and through the Spotify playlist here.

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