parallel dimension

Paul van Dyk and Elated – Parallel Dimension

Legendary Paul van Dyk brings us another a trance treat, after an unusual but interesting collaboration with Psytrance icons Vini Vici.  His new track with up-and-coming artist Elated, ‘Parallel Dimension’ becomes the first single of his forthcoming album ‘Guiding Light’, to be released in 2020. 

“It’s always an aim to inspire others through music, and that’s my mission with my new album Guiding Light. I collaborated with some of the most talented up and coming artists in trance music over the past year, recording sessions across the world from my home studio in Berlin to hotel rooms in far corners of the globe.”

‘Parallel Dimension’  is, undeniably, pure van Dyk style. With its uplifting melody, dreamy atmosphere, and recognizable bass, this new single will transport you to trance dreamland.  If this is what we can expect from the album… well, we can’t wait for it to be released, so please ‘Guiding Light’… come as soon as possible!



The iconic trance producer/DJ is already in the middle of his pre-album tour, named MISSION: Guiding Light. Paul is visiting 12 cities in the US and Canada, including, such as NYC, Miami and Chicago, teasing his North American fans with what its told to be his most energetic album to date.  The shows will take music lovers on a journey to find their guiding light through the power of music. During the course of his career, van Dyk has embraced personal development and empowerment, encouraging his fans to follow their passion and pursue their dreams. This new album will encapsulate van Dyk’s lifelong mission to motivate others, serving as their guiding light in the pursuit of happiness.






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