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Porter Robinson reacting to Madeon’s ‘Good Faith’ Is the wholesome content you meed

Fans of Porter Robinson and Madeon will know that these two producers are best friend goals. Similar in their music styles and visions, this is what also lead them to creating a track together named ‘Shelter’ and then also going on a global tour in support of it. Not only do they gel well enough to create a massive impact with just one track, they hype each other up massively in their solo projects. Often taking to Twitter whenever each artist releases something, they’ll dedicate whole threads to telling their fanbase how much they love what each other have created. Fans even spotted Madeon dancing passionately in the back of the venue in the crowd at one of Porter’s Virtual Self – his side project – LA gigs. Since Madeon’s latest project, the Good Faith‘ album, has been released fans knew it wouldn’t be long until Porter chimed in with his loving and genuine thoughts.

Taking to Twitter again, Porter Robinson dedicated a thread and another separate tweet to telling the world his unfiltered and real thoughts. “good faith” is breathtaking. top 5 all time album for me. it’s the sound of an artist achieving what he wanted to achieve for his entire life” is what he starts out with, and if this isn’t the definition of a supportive best friend then we don’t know what is! Going on to say how he’d seen a lot of the creation process and every song in various states of completion, it didn’t stop him from being utterly stunned.

It is always super refreshing to hear artists being as excited as their friends’ fanbases when it comes to new projects and music, and it also shows a transparent look into what they are like as people. Check out the full Twitter thread to see all of Porter Robinson’s thoughts.

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