RIOT – Dogma Resistance (Album Review + Interview)

Known as one of Monstercat’s veteran artists, Los Angeles-based duo RIOT – consisting of  Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid – have built their solid fanbase from the ground up through their unmatched sound design and crazy skill sets. Their incredible knowledge of the music world has brought them to be in contact with some of the heavyweights of bass music including SLANDERKayzo, and Dirtyphonics and labels such as Dim Mak and Insomniac Records. It would be hard to list all of their achievements in just one go, but their music speaks for itself and now RIOT are embarking on their biggest project to date.

‘Dogma Resistance’ is the duo’s debut ten-track studio album and has been in the working for a very long time now. In an ambitious move, they have pushed the storyline aspect of the music to a whole other level and introduced an accompanying visual guide in the form of a comic book. Telling an elaborate story, the comic – which shares the same name as the album – takes readers on a journey into the fusion of the past and future as the main character Raymond Colt and his people work together to go on an epic journey to fight an evil force. Working with comic book company HERØ, a limited batch of special hard copies are available for pre-order here.

The album itself is a wild ride from start to finish. Across it’s ten tracks, RIOT’s brutal and unforgivingly brilliant signature sound is showcased in a magnificent way. The opening track ‘Overture 1990’ introduces listeners to the world that ‘Dogma Resistance’ is set in before seamlessly stepping into the next track ‘Jungle Fury’. This track holds back no punches whether it’s in the buildup or the drop itself and packs an insane amount of energy. The same thing can be said for all the tracks in this album although they are all brilliant in their own way. Tracks like ‘Disorder (Rebirth)’ and ‘Aiwa’ will have you breaking the rail whilst other ones such as ‘Overkill’ and ‘The Mob’ will cause an earthquake on the dancefloor.

We chatted to RIOT to learn more about the album’s creative process.

What was your inspiration behind this album?

Creating a piece of art that is a journey with depth and meaning while exploring a full musical scale of genres.

What was the creative process like and did you find it different than anything you’ve done before?

We’ve been working on and off on this album for more than 2 years now. This was hands down the most challenging task we ever took on ourselves. Also, being able to put our story into a motion graphic novel was a really unique cool experience we will never forget. Working hand in hand with another creative team that fully gets your story and vision is something we never thought could happen. Just crazy working with good creatives that share a common goal and vision!

Do you have a particular favourite track on the album?

There really isn’t one. This album was a long and well thought process and we look at it as one whole piece. We grew and evolved as individuals working on the project and the album symbolizes that journey. So it is way more to us than a compilation of tracks that we can choose a favorite from.

What is the meaning/storyline you wanted to get across in this album?

Nothing in specific. It’s just an “open house” to our creative minds.

What is the number one thing you want fans to know or understand about the album?

We’d love our fans to listen to this album as a 1 piece instead a collection of individual tracks. We want them to go on this journey with us and experience it from start to finish.

‘Dogma Resistance’ by RIOT is available to stream now.

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