Spinnin’ Records Unveils New Sub-Label Spinnin’ Records Asia

As we reported,Spinnin’ Records is about to celebrate their momentous 20th anniversary with a show in their home country of Amsterdam at Paradiso. It’s a massive deal for an edm-centric label to go on for that many years and still be as relevant and popular as ever, but Spinnin’ makes it look easy. As well as their main label ,they own a huge amount of sub-labels which include their own and other artist-led imprints that all fall under the Spinnin’ umbrella. Now, the dedicated and hardworking team have just announced that they have started up yet another sub-label, and this is focusing on a specific continent. The company is branching out to the huge continent of Asia with their ‘Spinnin’ Records Asia’ imprint, and this is a huge deal. The music industry in Asia is booming, with the global rise of K-Pop proving that they can create music and whole empires like no one else can, and of course it is the same for the edm world in Asia.

Thanks to their partnership with Warner Music Group – who acquired the whole main company in 2017 – it means that they can have access to a larger number of networking opportunities and affiliates that Warner Music Group’s Asia subsidiary already has. With all this in the palm of their hands, it ensures that their new label will take off almost instantaneously.

Their aims with Spinnin’ Records Asia is to develop and discover new talent from the Asian edm scene and work with artists of Asian descent that are based around the world. It means producers that may be big in their home country will have the opportunities to reach and connect with new fans from all corners of the world.

“One thing we’ve learned throughout the years is that musical talent can be found in every corner of the world. With this label, we want to bridge the gap between those artists. If artists of Asian heritage are successful in the rest of the world, we’ll try to get them known in their native country, and vice versa. We’ll also try to set up collaborations between them, or with one of our artists.”  – Roger de Graaf (Spinnin’ Records CEO) via Billboard

Spinnin’ Records Asia will officially kick off their journey on November 29, and American based duo BEAUZ (who have Indonesian and Taiwanese descent) will be the first to release with their fun track ‘Feel The Light’.

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