Steve Angello

Steve Angello changes entire website design

Recently, we reported on Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso wiping their Instagram pages clear of any posts (at the time of writing, Axwell has not yet done the same). A move that seems suspicious after a little time of complete silence on the Swedish House Mafia front, this can easily imply that some news is coming soon, but about what exactly we don’t know just yet. It could be new show announcements or long-awaited new music (‘It Gets Better’‘Underneath It All’ or ‘Frankenstein’ anyone?) but we trust the Swedes to tell us in due time. Very recently, a new development has occurred in this story.

Steve Angello has completely changed up his entire website design. It’s easy to connect the dots with this and the recent Instagram account wiping as it all is happening way too close to each other to be a complete coincidence. If you go to his website address ( you are greeted with two mac-style screenshots of webpages with his two solo albums, ‘Wild Youth’ and ‘HUMAN’, on it. When you click on either of these images it will direct you to Steve’s Spotify page. Could this mean that we are possibly hearing new solo music from the legend himself sooner than we think? Or could this be something else entirely? Steve Angello

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