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Steve Aoki releases his exclusive Splice sound pack

Steve Aoki, of the greatest and most hard working names on the dance music scene at the moment just recently released his first official Splice sound pack, an exclusive pack of Serum presets and a fresh episode of Studio Essentials show, where he takes the viewers on a behind the scenes tour of his LA Studio, also known as the Neon Future Cave. American DJ and producer who’s known for his extreme schedule has been super busy in the past few months, bringing us amazing releases like his collaboration with Backstreet Boys ‘Let It Be Me’ and ‘Send It’ with Will Sparks. Next to that he was also spending a lot of time working on charity projects like his first ever Aoki Games, organized by the Aoki Foundation, where they raised over $250,000 to support brain research, science, and to spread awareness about the importance of the human brain.

Splice, the subscription service with more than two million users, using it on a day to day basis, was founded in 2013 by Steve Martocci and Matt Aimonetti with a belief that an open music ecosystem will empower musicians to realize their creative potential. They worked hand in hand with Steve, to bring his vision to live and create one of the most versatile sound pack on the platform. Here is what the artist said about the pack:

This is a great pack for any producer in the dance world. Exploring it is an exciting process because when you jump into different genres from hip hop to Latin to K-pop, you’re hearing all the different sounds and how it all works.

Next to the release of his sound pack, Steve Aoki took Splice on a tour of his studio in LA, he explained how his creative process looks like and spoke about his favourite synthesizers and plugins.

The sound pack is already live and available to download here.


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