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The Chainsmokers – Push My Luck

Energetic and unique duo The Chainsmokers have come a long way since their breakout hit ‘#SELFIE’. Finding and exploring different styles, it seems they’ve finally discovered the perfect formula for what works for them right now. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have released a multitude of different singles this year including collaborations with huge artists and soon it will all culminate when their 2019 album ‘World War Joy’ drops. The Chainsmokers have already released most tracks from it, but now they are releasing another one called ‘Push My Luck’.

This new track feels different from other latest releases which have all (for the most part) been packed to the brim with hyped up energy and powerful, demanding drops. ‘Push My Luck’ shows us a new side to the duo, and it’s a much calmer one. Leaving the aggressive beats behind for this one, Pall and Taggart have created a track perfect for winding down to and connecting with your emotions. The vocals are all done by Taggart himself, who has found himself becoming the lead vocalist on most of The Chainsmokers tracks as of late and showcases a more vulnerable side to him with emotion pouring through the vocals and the lyrics. It leans more towards the spectrum of pop whilst also staying true to the edm roots, creating a harmonic bridge between the two genres that are currently dominating the music industry the most.

The duo have also released an accompanying music video and it follows the vibe of the track perfectly. Exclusively in black and white, creating a sultry and somewhat romantic vibe, it features the duo and honorary third member Matt McGuire performing the track whilst a woman dances with trippy effects coming out to play.

‘Push My Luck’ has been anticipated for a while with this one being played out on their latest tour, and now it is available for streaming.

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