Martin Garrix Injury

The Martin Garrix Show is back with its fourth season

The Dutch superstar DJ and producer Martin Garrix just premiered the first episode of his fourth season of the Martin Garrix Show. For the fifth year in the row Garrix and his team decided to take us with them behind the scenes of the extremely busy year that they have had so far and show us some of the biggest highlights of Martin’s 2019. It is no secret that he is one of the hardest working artists on the scene at the moment, releasing one hit after another, he just dropped a fresh collaboration with Australian singer and songwriter Dean Lewis, called ‘Used To Love’, the creative process of which is also going to be a part of this season of the Martin Garrix Show.

The first episode called ‘What happens in Vegas…’ takes us behind the scenes of his shows in Las Vegas, starting off with his performance at EDC, giving us a breakdown of events that caused his ankle injury at Omnia Las Vegas, where he powered through the pain and finished his set, no matter what. We also get more info on what happened afterwards, when he got back home in Amsterdam, he remained positive, although he was badly hurt and still didn’t wanted to cancel his upcoming shows, so that he wouldn’t let down his fans.

In the upcoming episodes we will find out how he dealt with disappointment of having to cancel a part of his tour for the first time, how he spent most of his recovery and how does it look like when you should be home resting, but instead are embarking on a heavy summer mission of five festivals a week?

Check out the first episode of season four above and watch out for a new episode every Tuesday 6AM PST / 9AM EST / 3PM CET.

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