WorstNights Clothing Brand Is Changing The Game

“On our worst nights are often our best times”. That is the slogan of clothing brand WorstNights, who are aiming to be a standout brand for all edm fans. With their office based in Italy and seven warehouses in America and three in Italy, their team is made up of people who are extremely passionate festivalgoers and dance music enthusiasts who know the industry extremely well. It’s their love for the scene that pushes them to create innovative products with high-quality customer service and connections. Wanting to focus on the intriguing idea of creating clothing that well represents the nightlife scene, their clothing represents their team: fun loving and lively.

Since starting up, WorstNights have successfully expanded their affordable yet quality catalogue of products in a big way. Starting with clubbing accessories, they expanded into other things and their full range includes: t-shirts, hoodies, bottoms, neon body paint, hats, hydration backpacks, shoes and a lot more accessories (even including Rezz-inspired light up goggles). With a wide range of items for both men and women, consumers will be spoiled for choice as they flick through their countless products. They have something for everyone, appealing to all sorts of festival styles from costume-y (with their LED masks, fun goggles, graphic t-shirts and more) to serious fashionista (sequined skirts, jewelry and high-waisted pants to name a few).

As well as their non-branded items, they have their own line named ‘WorstNights Brand’. If you’re ever stuck for something to wear to an electronic gig or festival, look no further than their branded items which offer the widest range of products. From hoodies with fun graphic slogans on them to t-shirts – each with black or white options -, the uncertainty of what to wear will turn into ‘what should I buy?’.

Check out some images of their clothing below and be sure to check out the WorstNights website here!


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