Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini announce their engagement

Announcing their relationship to their respective fanbases and the world back in 2018, Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini are the definition of couple goals. Musical talent runs strong in this pairing, and aside from Afrojack being a massive superstar DJ, Elettra is an extremely talented and popular singer as well as entertainer, featuring on popular reality television shows too. Being nicknamed the ‘Italian Paris Hilton’ by some, she is the heiress to Ferruccio Lamborghini – who owns the sports car brand – and is a true star.

Apparently the pair had been talking about marriage a few months ago, but Afrojack’s proposal came out of the blue and made for an unexpected but happy surprise! Breaking the news to her 4.8M Instagram followers with an adorable selfie of the two of them with the gorgeous ring in full view, she captioned the image:

“My best friend @afrojack he asked me to marry him 2 days ago…he is the sweetest and most lovely person i have ever met in my life, and the only one man that i can really call MAN…everyday i think about how lucky i am to have found someone with a big heart like he has and he still believes in family and he is so similar to me…people say: “when is the right person u feel it” …i feel it since the beginning, this is going to be for life #shesaidyes”

We are wishing Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini all the best in their relationship and can’t wait to see the wedding pictures (which will likely be lavish and stunning)

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