Armin van Buuren teams up with World Wide Fund for Nature to become Global Oceans ambassador

One of the biggest epidemics we are facing on this planet right now is the plastic polluting our beautiful oceans. Damaging the sealife, the microplastics (tiny pieces of plastic that appear from larger plastics that have degraded with time) enter the systems of our wildlife and can cause them to suffer for an extended period before they eventually die from it. Back in 2014, it was estimated that between 15 to 51 trillion microplastic particles were in our oceans and this number is only going to rise further and further if it isn’t stopped. Luckily, more and more people in the industry are taking notice and initiative, and one of those people is none other than Armin van Buuren himself, who has now recently teamed up with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to get a hands-on approach to this issue

Founded back in 1961, the non-governmental organization has focused on reducing the human impact on the environment and the wildlife for the better.

As an official Global Oceans ambassador, Armin van Buuren will be active on multiple fronts for the WWF. One of his first port of calls was to make his A State of Trance events ‘plastic-smart’. The #BeatPlastic campaign together with Armin’s global reach will help to show millions of people the negative effects of plastic and will inspire a whole new audience to get involved with a good cause.

Speaking about the cause, he said this:

 “In between tours, I visited several WWF projects in Bali. There I could see with my own eyes how beautiful animals like turtles are affected by plastic pollution. These experiences opened my eyes and made me realize how much aid is needed. For years, I have been bringing people together through music. That’s my way of making the world a little better. Besides being a DJ and producer, I am also a father and I want to give my kids the world they deserve, a world that not only they can appreciate, but one that can be enjoyed by many generations to come.”

One of his projects includes collecting signatures for a plastic ban campaign through a link on his website, which is available to sign here.

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