ATB timeless classic ‘Hold You’ turns 18 years old

André Tanneberger, best known by his moniker ATB, is a worldwide sensation. Showing the newer artists on the scene what it truly means to create timeless classics, everybody in the world has heard his massive track 9PM (Till I Come)‘ (and if you haven’t, you’re living under a rock!). 1998 was when he formed his solo career and thus began a wild journey that he could’ve never predicted. With a vast discography, it is full of a huge amount of classics that some artists can only dream of having. His lasting effect on the international dance music scene is still felt today, and today we celebrate another one of his huge hits as it reaches it’s 18th birthday.

‘Hold You’ was served as the second single to his third studio album Dedicated (released in 2002) and featured Roberta Carter Harrison from the band Wild Strawberries on the vocals. The track did well as expected, and quickly became a top 20 hit in Germany, Hungary and Romania as well as being hugely popular around the rest of the world. It currently has well over one million streams on Spotify, and is a true testament to his talents proving that he has the power to constantly crank out hits and he knows the formula for a timeless classic like the back of his hand.

Do you remember hearing this ATB track for the first time or being obsessed with it in the earlier days? Tell us in the comments!

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