Special Avicii concert version of ‘Fades Away’ available now

‘Fades Away’ – the last track on AVICII: TIM, Tim Bergling‘s posthumous album, came out of sessions with Tim, Carl Falk, Joe Janiak and Joakim Berg, the lead vocalist/writer for one of Sweden’s most successful rock band’s KENT. The original track featured Noonie Bao, but a newly record version with Mish Catt is available starting today HERE. Joakim Berg explained the writing process, adding:

“This was the first song that came out of the sessions with Tim, Carl Falk, Joe Janiak and me in the spring of 2018. Tim (Avicii) and Joe met for the first time this day, and Tim just loved Joe’s voice and vibe from the start. Carl started toying around with a climbing chord sequence on a synth with a piano sound and Joe sang along with Tim directing the rhythm. That became the verse and the rest was very fast. I had some chords and the beginning of the melody to the fades away part before the drop and it has a very 60’s feel chord/melody-wise and is kind of weird but pretty. Tim and Joe finished the melody and came up with the words.

Tim just loved the “don’t you love it, how it all just fades away” part of the lyric. It may now come across as a sad song, but for us in the studio, writing it, we felt it was uplifting and light hearted. We wrote it in a bright mode, sort of carefree, and there were lots of laughing and joking, so for me Fades Away will always be a positive song, a simple message about accepting changes, the passing of time and making the best of what you have.”
When Avicii passed away on April 20, 2018, he was close to completing a new album. He left behind a collection of nearly finished songs, along with notes, email conversations and text messages about the music. The album AVICII: TIM was released in June to universal critical acclaim.

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