CamelPhat give DJ tips at DJ Awards

CamelPhat are a DJ duo with one of the strongest fanbases around currently. With more shows sold-out than not, their infectious tunes mixed together with their ability to throw an amazing performance each time is what is keeping them at the top of the electronic music industry today. Wrapping up their biggest year so far, we can’t wait to see what this next decade holds for them. The DJ Awards is a celebration of all things electronic, held in the party isle of Ibiza. With 2019 being the 22nd edition, it is one of the most prestigious ceremonies around and you will always find major names gathered for the celebration. With Grahame Farmer co-hosting, he recently sat down with CamelPhat (Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan) for an interesting and insightful discussion on DJing as a duo ahead of their ‘House Music’ category win.

A lot of interesting points were made on how to be a successful duo, but the first one was all about being friends. Di Scala and Whelan stated that you have to have a good, healthy friendship for the dynamic to work since it involves a lot of travelling and seeing each other nearly every day. Also adding to this, Whelan said that it’s a lonely place being a DJ and it is nowhere near as glamorous as people may think so. The intense travel hours (sometimes spending up to 36 hours straight on planes) can be extremely rough, but the gigs make up for it. They end the short interview by wishing young aspiring duos luck with their endeavours.

CamelPhat have been at every DJ Awards since 2016, with their first nomination ever being in the ‘Breakthrough’ category in 2016 and their first win being in 2017 for the Club Mix of ‘Cola’. Since then, they have gone on to receive lots of recognition in the form of awards and nominations (the biggest one being at the GRAMMY Awards).

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