Daft Punk album ‘Random Access Memories’ becomes best selling electronic album on vinyl of the decade

There’s some albums that are simply so timeless that they will live on forever and never get old and boring. One of those albums is the iconic Random Access Memories‘ by none other than superstar duo Daft Punk. Released back in 2013, it’s weird to think that this masterpiece is already six years old. Featuring such songs like ‘Instant Crush’‘Doin’ It Right’ and ‘Get Lucky’, this was another massive success for the French powerhouse duo.

As another decade is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back upon what the 2010’s has brought us in terms of the music industry as a whole. It’s been arguably one of the best decades for electronic dance music with a lot of pivotal moments happening in terms of iconic releases or artists, that have lead a whole sub-genre, rising to the top. In the spirit of reminiscing, Official Charts has unveiled their list of the 100 biggest selling vinyl albums of the decade.

How does this andthe  Daft Punk album ‘Random Access Memories’ connect, you ask? Well, that particular album is officially the top selling dance music vinyl release of the entire decade. It makes sense, as it has also scored Grammy awards in the categories of ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Dance/Electronica Album’ at the 56th annual edition. It also scored the 62nd spot in the overall genres chart. In addition to this, it was also the best selling album on digital vinyl website store Discogs.

Vinyl is coming back in a big way and is as popular as ever right now, with fans of their favourite artists wanting a more interesting medium to listen to their favourite albums on, and artists are able to show their creative sides even further through the actual designs themselves of the vinyl disc and the covers.

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