David Guetta’s ‘One Love’ turns 10 years old

If you have been binge listening to the new David Guetta and overwhelmed by the fact that the French superstar finally has gone back to his roots, here’s another treat for you. Exactly 10 years before David Guetta released his legendary tune, ‘One Love’ featuring Estelle. The song soon after the release became a sensation and was a regular at almost every club and festival during that era.

The classic starts off with a groovy house beat with vocals slowly dwelling into the picture. The arrangement is quite different from what we hear these days in electronic music and reminds a lot of the tunes we used to hear back in 2008-2013. David Guetta recently opened up about his thoughts and what he feels about the current scene in the electronic music industry.

Speaking about cluttering of the EDM industry with pop music somewhat frustrated him and he felt the need to go back to his roots and the style of music which brought him into the scene in the first place. Identifying a problem is one task but the real challenge is in overcoming it and Guetta has succeeded in doing that. Combining rave sounds of the old times with the current arrangement & structures he has definitely pulled nothing short of a magic trick. Reminiscing the old era check out this prolific tune,

One Love by David Guetta down below.

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