EMMA/EMMY is an up and coming DJ duo from Sweden consisting of Emma Kai and Emmy Kasai, and there’s plenty to get excited about! As we all know, Sweden has produced some of the finest electronic music talents in the industry today, and EMMA/EMMY are about to follow in all of their footsteps with bags of talent to show for it. Surprisingly, they had performed at over 100 gigs all over Sweden but it isn’t until now that they have decided to put out their first original production. Describing themselves as a mix between Hans ZimmerSkrillex and a slight touch of Armin Van Buuren, their ambition and drive to succeed is evident and shines through in their single ‘Space’.

Not a track that takes itself too seriously, ‘Space’ is refreshingly fun and energetic and is something to get us through the harsh winter months. For a first release, this is some seriously impressive stuff and shows that EMMA/EMMY have the star quality it takes to be serious contenders in the music industry of today.

“SPACE is about realizing your self-worth and leaving something or someone that’s no good for you and knowing, accepting and embracing that’s it’s for the better.” – EMMA/EMMY

From listening to this track, it feels like the pair have been releasing original tracks for years and years on end, and it’s clear that they have put a lot of effort in this. The vocals combine with twinkly sounds that dance around the core of the track just before making way for the hard-hitting trap-like drop that injects the energy straight into the heart. Emma and Emmy have more than impressed with ‘Space’ and we’re sure that you will love this track as much as we do! It’s available for streaming right now so check it out and enjoy!

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